Medical doctors diagnosing in the dark again?

A hospital where doctors failed to spot a man’s oral cancer five times has said staff made no mistakes and had nothing to apologize for. Father-of-three Steve Harley’s illness was not found in 19 visits to 12 different doctors, and now the tumor is too large for an operation. The chief executive of the hospital in question, where five different doctors saw Mr. Harley, said staff had made no mistakes. Apparently, each time he was seen the doctors gave him painkillers. The first doctor he saw sent him home with antibiotics. Eventually, because he kept going back to visit another doctor in the hope of finally solving his persistent unabated pain, He was told: “If I was your brother, I would tell you to go home and live your life.” A specialist at a private hospital eventually diagnosed him. (What’s more of a health outrageous: The inability of his doctors to diagnose Mr. Harley’s illness? The denial by the medical god’s of ever making any mistakes? Or being brainwashed like many others that medical doctors are scientists and walk on water? It is your call on this Health Outrage!)