What is a Hiatus or Hiatal Hernia?

A Hiatus/Hiatal or diaphragmatic hernia exists when part of the stomach protrudes through the diaphragm muscle into the chest. When the hernia is in this position, stomach acid and food do not drain out of it quickly. Over time, this can result in

tissue damage to the esophagus, lungs and mouth. When the stomach is not in its proper position it should be corrected. Most doctors know about hiatal hernias, however, consider consulting with a Chiropractic Physician trained in Applied Kinesiology, to find out if you’re a candidate for non-surgical correction. You may also consult with a Gastroenterologist (M.D.). Since hiatal hernia surgery may be risky and may not correct the situation, consider the following self-help ideas before surgery:

Drink 12-16 ounces of water within 5-10 minutes. Then carefully jump down from a one to two foot step. When you land on your feet, the weight of the water may help the stomach to move back into proper placement.

Important Note: Do not attempt this if you have any health concerns that would worsen as a result of jumping from a one to two foot drop.

Stand against a wall and place your right hand under your left rib cage and gently press in toward your body while at the same time, gently pull down toward the ground. Repeat several times while exhaling air. This may also help to move the stomach back into proper placement.


Important Note: Do not attempt this if you have any medical condition that you feel would be aggravated by this maneuver.