Simply Smelling Food Can Cause Weight Gain

Smell is a large part of the appeal of food. If one’s sense of smell were removed, he would likely lose weight. This statement was recently proven true by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley who performed experiments on mice lacking the ability to smell. Such mice lost weight. However, the odd part of this study is that mice who could not smell properly consumed the same amount of fatty food as those who had a normal sense of smell.

About the Results

Mice with a regular sense of smell increased to two times their typical weight after consuming the same amount of fatty food as mice lacking in smell. Furthermore, mice with a heightened sense of smell fattened up much more than mice with an average ability to smell. The findings show that the odor of foods one consumes plays a powerful role in how the body handles the calories. This means if one can’t smell his food, there is a good chance his body will burn it instead of store it.

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