Exercising At Night May Be Better For You

Doing the majority of exercise and physical activity in the evening has been linked to the greatest health benefits for those with obesity, according to a recent study of 30,000 people enrolled in the UK Biobank who were followed for over close to 8 years published in the journal Diabetes Care that was carried out by researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia.

To investigate if the time of day you move your body makes a difference to your health, this study involved 29,836 participants over the age of 40 with obesity who wore wrist wearables for 24 hours a day to track and categorize their physical activity by morning, afternoon, or evening. Then, data was linked from their health records to follow their health trajectory for 7.9 years, during this time there were 1,425 deaths, 3,980 cardiovascular events, and 2,162 microvascular dysfunction events.

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