Emerging Super Fungus: Beginning Of An Epidemic?

Bacteria’s ability to develop antibiotic resistance is well documented, fungi are also alarmingly evolving to withstand modern medicine as well. One such airborne fungi is now emerging in hospitals across the globe and killing half of the unfortunately people who contract it within 90 days, raising concern alarms about a new global epidemic

Candida auris can potentially infect anyone, however those with compromised immune systems such as the elderly, infants, smokers, and diabetics are most likely to succumb. C.auris was discovered about a decade ago, first being seen in 2013, since then it has shown up on every continent except Antarctica; there have been 617 reported cases within the USA alone as of 2/2019, with most cases being detected in New York City(309 cases), New Jersey(104 cases), and Chicago(144 cases) areas.

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