The Top 9&10 Issues that Overweight People Struggle with Emotionally, Socially and Physically.

10. 59% eat in secret.
9. 70% thought overweight people were generally perceived as less intelligent.
8. 69% believe they are responsible for millions of dollars being wasted on developing larger liposuction machines.
7. 84% thought their social life would improve if they were slimmer.
6. More than half were victims of hurtful insults from family, friends or colleagues.
5. 46% were afraid of crushing a loved one.
4. 83% thought that overweight celebrities could not possibly be happy with their size.
3. 50% said they would not let their partner see them naked.
2. 40% would only make love if the lights were off.
1. 38% believe that Weird Al Yankovich is the devil incarnate.

Parts of the above survey were supplied by a slimming magazine and your’s truly.