Should you be showering with a filter? What experts — and social media influencers — say about the effects of hard water.

What’s the cause of your dry skin and frizzy, shedding hair? It might be your shower water, according to TikTok. That’s what influencers promoting shower head filters for brands like Jolie and Canopy are claiming in ads that have become unavoidable on social media.

“I can’t believe a showerhead was the cause of my skin acting this bad,” one woman says in a video for Jolie as she shows off her blemishes. She then claims that her hair is “shedding less” and her skin has improved after she replaced her showerhead with one of the brand’s filtered models. Meanwhile, a video for Canopy’s similar product claims that its filtered showerhead prevents hair breakage and promotes hair growth.

Does your showerhead really make a difference? Experts say there may be some truth to these claims.

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