Without evidence, FDA claims “misinformation” is LEADING cause of death in the USA, but won’t acknowledge deaths caused by vaccines or pharmaceuticals

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the new leading cause of death in the United States is something called “misinformation.” FDA chief Robert Califf appeared on CNN to talk about the new leading cause of death. He said, “the reliable, truthful messages are not getting across, and it’s being washed down by a lot of misinformation, which is leading people to make bad choices that are unfortunate for their health.”

While this makes sense, Mr. Califf did not mention any of the harmful government misinformation that has come out of the FDA over the past three years, and he failed to define exactly the kind of information that is leading people on a path of sickness, mental illness and death. He also failed to quantify his idea of “misinformation” with the negative health outcomes that are occurring in the American population.

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