“Booster” shots really mean it’s a way to BOOST Big Pharma’s profits… It’s all about repeat business, not immunity, because if it were about immunity, then NATURAL immunity would count


The word booster sounds so friendly, like a cute little booster seat for a small child at the dinner table, or some nice person who promotes a non-profit organization in your community. Maybe you love space exploration and booster makes you think of an added acceleration stage for a rocket ship. Electricians might hear booster and think of an increase in voltage or signal strength, but when it comes to vaccinations, there’s a whole different meaning, and it’s nothing positive, unless you’re the toxic jab maker — or own stock in their company.

A booster shot doesn’t mean you’re getting a boost at warding off some virus. No, a booster shot doesn’t mean the first jab’s effect wore off either. Nope. A booster shot means a boost of profits, a windfall of revenue, a landslide of cold hard cash for the vaccine makers, and not just from the sale of the “inoculations,” but mostly from what comes next.

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