Unusual Liver Enzymes readings

Robert from CA explains:

Hi Dr. Bob & Staff:

Last Sunday, Mothers Day, called in with situation on unusual Liver Enzymes readings from 27 April 20 with ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE = 197/ 30 Oct 30, 2019= 61;  AST= 425- 27 April 20/ 30 Oct 19 = 26 ;   ALT = 774 – 27 April 20! Will be having another blood lab draw on Thursday, 21 May 20 for lab retest.

Am still abstaining from supplements. Am in the process of doing the HULDA CLARK LIVER CLEANSE.  Instead of using the Epsom Salt, I will be using bottles of Magnesium Citrate, but including the Olive Oil and Grapefruit as well as the Black Walnut Tincture to kill Liver parasites. Will be following up with a nutritional blood analysis from Nutritional Blood Testing. Thank you all so very much for helping us be our own best physicians.

Stay well God Bless You All as you continue to enhance the well being and quality of life for your listeners.

Bob from California