I wanted to tell you in a more personal way how your voice over the airways changed my direction in life.

Dr Bob

Joanne Says:

Dear Dr. Bob,

I’m that crazy girl who’s been a listener for almost 30 years, and I’m writing to tell you what an honor and privilege it was to finally meet you at Natural Grocers!! I’m only sorry that I didn’t have more time to simply chat with you, and tell you what a great mentor you have been in my life.  So many people kept asking you health questions at the time when you clearly had to leave to catch a flight, and I didn’t want to keep you.  I know you asked me to please call in to the show, and I do intend to do that, but I also wanted to tell you in a more personal way how your voice over the airways changed my direction in life.  When I began listening back in probably the early to mid 90’s, (a friend of mine (Marta Sanborn) was a patient of yours, and she told me about you), I knew in my heart that you were the voice of extreme reason when it came to prevention and overall health knowledge.  I knew that you knew, and you clearly were the expert.  I started getting interested in moving away from our country’s allopathic way of doing things when I was a student at San Diego State University in the early 80’s.  After listening for about a year, I decided to go see the folks over at the “Natural Medical Center”, which is now Envita, and Dr. Dino and Dr. Boris were my physicians.  There was nothing wrong with me per se, but I wanted to begin the prevention process asap with nutritional IV’s, good quality supplements, and sound nutrition advice. Dr. Dino was very encouraging in my profound interest in nutrition, and warned me about this country’s way of teaching and what I might expect – he was right. Then I found a great chiropractor, and started studying nutrition (with caution) at ASU, and through other sources.  I found a great school in Tempe (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts), and went through their holistic nutrition program, and I completed it in 2017.  All this time (since 1985), I was a Flight Attendant, so it was easy to squeeze this in to my schedule.  I retired a few years ago, and haven’t yet done anything with my degree, but I plan to take the exams to become board certified and then look at my options.

I think I’ve probably told about a thousand people about your show (mostly on flights), so you have me to thank – lol!!  I just love you, you are even more enchanting in person, and your wife is a dear.  I promise I will call in (it is difficult you know….), and give you the best stroker EVER.  You certainly deserve it!!

Wishing you the best, and the best of health,