Howard from AZ asks:

Hi Dr Bob

no concerns here…  just a comment… i am a dermatologist practicing in Mesa AZ… my office is called Grand Canyon Dermatology in case you want to look me up a bit … anyway, i catch your program on kfyi in az periodically …i understand the commercial responsibilities you have to some degree, but in your discussions  with your audience you truly do offer some great information and suggestions…

you properly stress :
…..the importance of people taking good care of themselves in general…   diet / exercise / etc
…. the  use of natural alternatives whenever possible rather than chemical pharmaceutical therapies since people are bombarded with big pharma advertising touting their products ….. the potential toxicity associated with these synthetic compounds, both short and long term …. to weigh the risk : benefit ratio when making a treatment choice and to generally opt for the less toxic / safer option

and you are gracious and professional when referring to other health providers, such as MD’s and DO’s when your opinion is at variance with their standard medical practice … you have an excellent down to earth, easy to listen to style that is not intimidating or  sending  an underlying message ( such as … aren’t i clever )

……in summary, for whatever it is  worth , i admire your presentation style and respect your wide range of knowledge in the health care arena ….

…. you are providing an important service to the public ……   keep it going .. …thanks ……  howard donsky, md, frcpc