I was throwing up

My wife drove me to the (Ocean Medical) emergency room here in Brick, NJ on Saturday 8/03/2013 .because I was throwing up. When I was wheeled into the ER my stomach had settled. But no,  this Dr. (Thomas Blake) who works for the hospital on weekends, told and showed his X-ray and told me that I had swallowed an X-Acto knife blade which was a bunch of bull—-. He at that point administered a shot in me which took about a half an hour to work. Just in time for his assistant took his cell phone and showing my wife a glow in the corner of a black screen on the cell phone that -that was the problem. I saw this myself just before Dr. Lake from Ocean Medical was going to have a CT scan of my lower abdomen just before I past out.


When I came too (ten days later), I was in the recovery room in the Hospital. with a tube inserted into my penis—attached to a bag and a hose in my nose shoved down my throat. My wife told me that she had to change me several times because I had soft stool (just like changing a baby).