Horror Story 2.

Went to new dr for neck pain, coughing and general feeling not well. He looked at my neck and said nothing wrong with it, mmm I though I must have a good doctor he has x-ray vision, cough he said was allergies. Ok? He then prescribed antibiotics for cough. Left. 2 weeks later made another appt because I now had full blown bronchitis w/ 102 fever to match. Different antibiotics and 3 week follow up. 3 week follow up, he said everything was good minus cough x-rays to see what’s going on, x-ray tech was confused he only ordered one side for x-ray she asked if I had broken ribs ? no I said I had bronchitis dr. ordered x-rays to check lungs. She said not with this order? What I said he ordered x-rays for one side of chest. Right only. Called dr and he told tech just do that one side it will be ok I can see everything from that. Got x-ray and was told lungs are good, while in his office I asked why still coughing 2 months later. New prescription ready for this, “Prozac” will stop the cough and clam you down. Left office.

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