Soften That Carcass Before You Bite It.

Before meat tenderizers there were cleavers, knives and other sharp objects, designed to breakdown the muscle tissue of the animal you choose to bury in your stomach. Nowadays, we have chemical meat tenderizers which, help to partially breakdown the muscle tissue, so that when we bite into it we don’t leave our teeth behind. Many of the meat tenderizers on the market today are filled with unwanted chemicals we don’t need or want. If you eat meat and you choose not to add insult to embarrassment, INDO can do. INDO is a natural meat tenderizer by Modern Products Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53209. This Health Alternative Product comes from the kitchens of the internationally acclaimed gourmet nutritionist, Gaylord Hauser. INDO works wonders even when it comes to changing tough inexpensive meats and poultry into tender, tempting treats. But INDO doesn’t stop there; INDO also seasons and flavors as it tenderizes.