Joy-Key Anyone?

Many of us have experienced the ritual of eating beef jerky. I remember growing-up in the Midwest and observing the fact, that only cool people ate jerky. Therefore, in order to be as cool as possible I ate the jerky as well. It was so tough, you could literally sharpen your teeth on the stuff. I still can’t believe I consumed as much as I did! Now for the Health Alternative. Veggie Jerky anyone? Green Options from San Francisco, Ca. produces a delicious all natural, high in protein Veggie Jerky with no preservatives. It’s also 99% fat free and contains no cholesterol whatsoever. If you like the taste and texture of Beef Jerky, but don’t care for all the undesirable stuff they use in it’s manufacture, I suggest you try Green Options Hot N’ Peppered Veggie Jerky. In fact, if you didn’t know that it was animal free, you’d swear you were eating the best cow hide jerky you’ve ever consumed. Experience it for yourself by calling the company and asking where to purchase some in your area. Green Options be contacted at 1-888-473-3667. Enjoy!