Will your “sign” determine your illness?

The majority of children diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) first developed during the autumn school term, according to research. Most came from the top two social classes, with half in private education. Only one in five came from a broken home. Experts believe they may know why heading back to school after the summer holiday can be the riskiest time for developing CFS, and why privileged children are most likely to fall ill. It is thought that the high stress environment of school, combined with the arrival of infectious illnesses brought on by the winter and the classroom environment can trigger the illness. Dr. Anita Sharma, who is researching CFS at the University of Birmingham, said many adults diagnosed with CFS often felt their symptoms had started after they had suffered some sort of infection, such as influenza, glandular fever, or a stomach upset. She added that individuals who tended to be highly-driven also seemed more likely to develop CFS. The mysterious dreaded CFS lives on!

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