Having Children Increases Longevity

Raising a child might cost upwards of a quarter-million dollars yet it pays off quite nicely in terms of parents’¬†longevity. A recent study has determined that parents live longer than their childless peers. These findings were published in the March edition of the¬†Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Study Details

The study was based on an in-depth analysis of nearly 705,000 Swedish men and more than 725,000 Swedish women born between 1911 and 1925. The study found that once fathers reach 60 years of age, they stand a better chance of living two years longer than men of the same age who have not reared children. Once mothers reach age 60, they lived about 1.5 years longer than women who did not reproduce. When fathers reach age 80, they lived about eight months longer than men of the same age who did not rear children. Mothers who reached the age of 80 lived about seven months more than octogenarian women who did not have kids. This longevity benefit occurs regardless of whether the individual in question has a daughter or son.

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