Dr. Bob Martin on 12/19

Listen to Dr. Bob Martin from December 12th, 2021.

Dr. Bob discusses multiple topics including Vaccine benefits, Omicron, vaccines for kids, Covid 19 breakout in vaccinated students, dark chocolate, and more.

  • Scientific Study in Texas Prison ‘Zero Benefit for Vaccinated’
  • Omicron may be NO Worse than Flu
  • Inventor of mRNA Vaccine ‘COVID Shots May Cause Permanent Damage’ in Kids’
  • Cornell University ‘HUGE Covid 19 Breakout in Fully Vaccinated Students’
  • Chocoholics Rejoice ‘Eating Dark Chocolate Makes you HAPPIER’ … Ah DA’

Sunday, December 19th – Hour 1


Sunday, December 19th – Hour 2


Sunday, December 19th – Hour 3