Dr. Bob Martin on 12/5


Listen to Dr. Bob Martin from December 5th, 2021.

Dr. Bob discusses multiple topics including Merck’s Antiviral Covid-19 Pill, the Delta & Omicron Variant, a health poll, elite athlete health, and more.

  • Merck’s Antiviral Covid-19 Pill ‘Disappointing Results’
  • Cardiologist Infected with Omicron Variant Despite Getting ALL THREE SHOTS
  • Health Poll: What is your current level of confidence in Covid 19 vaccines with respect to their effectiveness against variants including Delta & Omicron?
  • Moderna Vaccine Maker ‘Warning of Ineffectiveness’ Against Omicron
  • Parts of U.S. Under Siege from Delta Variant as World Focuses on Omicron
  • COVID Vaccines Destroyed Elite Athletes Health

Sunday, November 28th – Hour 1


Sunday, November 28th – Hour 2


Sunday, November 28th – Hour 3