Thailand Using Green Chiretta To Treat “The Ick”

Apparently. the Cabinet of Thailand has approved the use of green chiretta herb or Andrographis Paniculate (Fah Talai Jone) for the prevention and treatment of COVID following a successful trial conducted by the Corrections Department with infected inmates in Chian Mai Central Prison presenting mild symptoms.

Previously the Health Ministry approved the use of the herbal plant extract to treat early stages as a pilot program amid flareups to serve as an alternative treatment to help reduce the severity of the outbreak and potential to cut treatment costs being initially made available in 5 state-owned hospitals. In this voluntary pilot program for those aged 18-60 with minor symptoms, treatment was within 72 hours of infection confirmation, and patient conditions improved within 3 days of treatment without side effects.

“Let me share these interesting figures with you. A total of 1,251 infected inmates in the Chiang Mai prison have been treated with favipiravir, while 2,914 have been treated with only the green chiretta herbal medicine,” the minister said adding that those coughing and having issues breathing were treated with favipiravir and those with less serious symptoms were given the herbal treatment. Reports now suggest that 11,800 inmates with mild symptoms have been treated with the herbal remedy of which 99.02% have recovered.

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