Dr. Bob Martin on 1/3

Here is a quick recap of the show from 1/3/21.

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Antibiotics May Lead to Mental Breakdowns
The early descriptions of the use of penicillin – in the 1940s are dramatic and inspiring. Common life-threatening infection could be treated for the first time and infections, which had been lethal in previous generations were conquered. Today we know this class of medical drugs as antibiotics. However, many health experts believe, the miracle drugs used today are destroying the miracle. Case in-point are observations, that commonly prescribed antibiotics may trigger mental breakdowns.

Special Herbs and Spice May Help to Prevent Cancer
Food in the form of herbs and spices can serve as potent forms of natural medicine. From ginger to pepper and apples and berries to cruciferous vegetables, certain foods, herbs, and spices contain phytochemicals that affect the body biologically, and through their ability to stimulate the immune system these phytochemicals may assist in keeping cancer at bay.

Health Poll:
A doctor / prominent researcher claims that a chemotherapy drug is more effective than Remdesiver against Covid 19. Question: Would you be willing to take a cancer drug to treat Covid 19?

Type of Exercise to Increase YOUR Lifespan
Everyone wants to know the secret to healthy extended lifespan or longevity, and research is showing that a form of exercise that only takes 4-minute and may help with that quest. HIIT included in workout routines provided better protection against premature death than moderate workouts alone. The study of 1,500 people Norwegian University of Science and Technology gives hope to people who desire to not only live longer, but also improve quality of life as we age.

Simple Words Uttered to an Upset Person Makes a HUGE Difference
According to Ohio State University researchers who explored positive and negative emotions in more than 300 people it was discovered, that saying a few simple words to a person who is upset and experiencing negative emotions such fear, sadness, anger, and disgust can potentially make a big difference in how quickly they recover.

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