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Weapon Against Stress and Covid ‘Located Between YOUR Ears’
Health experts and the public are hoping that with the advent of vaccines, life will soon return to normal. However, an underutilized weapon against immune system challenges such as viruses and other infections plus, one of the most powerful ways to help manage stress – should be front and center in our educational efforts as we enter the new year. A recent meta-analysis found that stressful thoughts and events can change immune system functioning for the worse.

Hospital Hallways have High Levels of Coronavirus
High amounts of the novel coronavirus can be found in the air in several hospital settings, a new study suggests. Researchers found that one-quarter of all ICU rooms, additionally, more than 56 percent of samples from hospital hallways came back positive contaminated with genetic material of the Covid virus. You may be saying to yourself, if I am not safe from getting infected with Covid 19 in a hospital – where then?

Masks May Be Causing Yeast Infections in Your Mouth and Face
Many people are wearing masks due to mandates. If that was not pesky enough to deal with there are mouth and skin issues caused by mask wearing to worry about – one being fungal/yeast infections. According to the NIH (National Institute of Health), there is a lot happening in your mouth with around 700 species of microbes setting up camp in it, some of these are beneficial and some NOT so much. Additionally, there is also fungus, which can be caused by masks, that allow yeast infections to thrive.

Humans Lose Motivation to Try News Things at a Specific Age
People start to lose their ‘get up and go’ at a specific age — when it becomes harder to motivate yourself to leave the couch and try new things — a recent study from Norwegian University of Science and Technology has found. A research scientist polled 917 people aged 14–77 to determine how the relationship between passion, grit, and a positive mindset changes as we age.

Less Protein – Especially Animal May Help You Live Longer
According to articles published on Harvard Men’s Health Watch and Max Planck Institute the amount and type of protein YOU consume may help you to live longer, particularly men, based on findings from recent published studies.

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