Blue Light Glasses May Improve Sleep And Productivity

With all the shutdowns the amount of screen time has drastically increased for many people as they are working and learning from home as well as binge-watching television programs. Recent research suggests that wearing blue light glasses during screen time can contribute to workday productivity and lead to a better night’s sleep.

“We found that wearing blue-light-filtering glasses is an effective intervention to improve sleep, work engagement, task performance and organizational citizenship behavior, and reduced counterproductive work behavior,” said Cristiano L. Guarana, assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. “Wearing blue-light-filtering glasses creates a form of physiologic darkness, thus improving both sleep quantity and quality.”

Most common technology emits blue light which past research has found can disrupt sleep. The workforce has become more reliant on these devices such as computer screens, tablets, and smart devices, especially to navigate remote work and learning due to current strict lockdown measures.

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