Dr. Bob Martin on 1/19

  • BULGING NEWS: Fish Oil Can Make Men’s Testicles BIGGER, Study Claims
  • Healthy Girl, 16, Died Just Five Days After Going to Hospital with Flu … WHY?
  • Men Using Steroids to get Six-pack Abs, Big Arms and Pecs ‘BEWARE’ 
  • Cigarette Smoke Damages Mental Health, TOO
  • Loss of Sleep Increases YOUR Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Sunday, January 19th – Hour 1

GUEST – Martie Whittekin – The Probiotic Cure


Sunday, January 19th – Hour 2

Bulging News! Fish Oil Can Make A Man’s Testicles Bigger!


Sunday, January 19th – Hour 3

Teenager Dies From The Flu! Arm and Protect Yourself From The Flu!