Dr. Bob Martin on 9/14 & 9/15

  • More Plant-Based Protein in Diet May Add Years
  • Commonly Prescribed Antibiotics may DOUBLE Your Risk of Heart Failure
  • HEALTH POLL: Do you remove your shoes before entering your or someone else’s home?
  • Why Dr. Bob Martin Eats So Many Lentil Beans
  • Better Memory and Reasoning Power EASILY Achieved ‘No Pills, Powders or Potions’ 

Sunday, September 15th – Hour 1

Dangers of E-Cigarettes – Possibly Banning Them


Sunday, September 15th – Hour 2

Guest LESLIE BURKE – Eye / Vision Care – Can-C Eye drops


Sunday, September 15th – Hour 3

Why Dr. Bob Eats Lentil Beans. Plant Based Protein vs. Animal Protein.