Love em… but don’t let them stink!

Some pet owners consider their pets part of the family and put up with a lot including, foul odors. Stink Stopper to the rescue! 21 st Century Pet Nutrition has come-up with a Veterinarian approved all-natural pet supplement designed to reduce pet odors by as much as 95%. Stink Stopper works by preventing your pet’s uniquely stinky odors from happening in the first place. Prior to advent of Stink Stopper, all that was essentially available for our fury little friends was sprays, powders and thick perfume laden chemicallized shampoos–no thanks. Stink Stopper comes in tuna flavor for cats and liver flavor for dogs. Some of the most noteworthy benefits include, reduced feces, urine, breath, and body odor. Additionally, if your pet has a habit of eating their own feces or the feces of another animal, be prepared to notice this change. And, pet owners have reported much less pet flatulence as well as reduced brown spots on your beautiful green lawn when, they do their business. Now, that we have Stink Stopper by 21 st Century Pet Nutrition, the only question left to be answered is, when will it be available in tuty fruity flavor for two legged pet masters? You can find Stink Stopper at most Pet Smart stores. If you’re unable to locate it in your area, please call 1-800-530-2178.