How long do you care to be abused?

Gynecologist Richard Neale told a female patient who was suffering from a serious medical condition that she should “grin and bear it”. Then, after the woman underwent major surgery and her wound became infected, he allegedly told her that trying to sue him would be a waste of time. Mr. Neale is accused of mistreating scores of female patients and could be barred from practicing, if found guilty of serious professional misconduct. Sheila Wright-Hogeland gave evidence about the care she had received from Mr. Neale while suffering from a condition known as endometriosis, which was so severe that she eventually had to have her womb and ovaries removed. She claimed Dr. Neale had been unsympathetic, dismissive and did not monitor her properly during her six years as his patient. He used to say “Stop making such a fuss about it”. She claimed she was left for weeks after agonizing attacks before he would arrange an appointment to see her and despite her pleading for frequent checkups, he would only see her every six months. She collapsed breathless on the kitchen floor after one attack. She told the disciplinary hearing; “I remember I used to tell him that it felt like a lightning bolt shot through my body and I would gasp for breath. He did the usual vaginal examination and said it would be ovulation pain. I believe that he told me I should grin and bear it. I was made to feel that I was being an overly demanding patient.” Dr. Neale reassured Mrs. Wright-Hogeland that she was “fit and well” , even though she continued to complain of pain. Mrs. Wright-Hogeland had to have a complete hysterectomy and both ovaries removed. The surgeon found numerous cysts – including one the size of a grapefruit and several abscesses, including one the size of a hen’s egg, she told the inquiry. After the surgery she spoke to Dr. Neale who said he was shocked by the extent of her problems. [Many women just like Sheila put up with this type of outrageous unprofessional conduct, the question remains, who’s the more guilty Health Outrage producer?]

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