Horror Story 3.

Went to new doctor still coughing, .. blood work, x-ray for neck, stress test, she did breathing treatments and got shots to open airways. Ok so now what, wait for everything to come back in.

Blood work from her standards: vitamin b and D too low.

Pre- diabetic. Too much iron.

Stress test:Bad heart and lungs:

Dr told me I needed shots to correct the vitamin problem, but the shot might make me gain weight. What gain weight and I am pre-diabetic. Not to worry. For heart and lungs we can do in house testing and treatment? I asked her for a referral to a cardiologist unknown to me her partner, did ekg, sono of heart. Told me I had C.H.F. And a murmur. Omg no chest pains nothing ever, how can this be?

Put me on meds for my heart.

My blood pressure dropped to 80/40 (yes low) called cause I was feeling really bad, dizzy coughing more , if it low drink tomato juice. What I said really.. ok..

2 days later hubby found me passed out on floor, no idea where I was what time nor day it was. Called doctor again.. no response no call no email nothing. Stopped meds.

Found a new doctor for a 2nd opinion.

New doctor:

EKG. Sono for heart , blood pressure . Blood pressure a bit high not to worry borderline. Ekg, 30 mins on it nothing wrong, Sono nothing wrong, He told me the stress test was inconclusive that means they could not see or hear anything on it. Malfunction of the test invalid. Go see a pulmologist for cough.


As a caregiver for 25 yrs, I have many horror stories regarding the drugging of the elderly. My worst case was a 94 yr old on Zyprexa from a Psychiatrist.  I called my agency to ask that we cancel her appt due to the 114* temp that summer day, was told no, took her in her wheelchair in and out of the car and office, and all he did was prescribe while she tried to talk to him. She developed the condition that causes a person to be unable to sit still and one day for 7 hrs straight, all she did was go from the sofa to the toilet, do nothing, and go back and forth exhausted.  Could not stop to even prepare lunch.  She told me her chest was causing discomfort.

Try admitting a late 80’s or 90’s old person into the hospital. They refuse.

My mother was refused with pneumonia and told Medicare doesn’t cover it (She was 94) and it was not serious enough.  We were taken to a nursing home.  I have seen many of these cases. This is the same plan going on with babies, children, teens and adults.  No different; it is NOT to keep them or any of us quiet. Connect the dots.  No one does.Get Dr.Tracy on and she will tell you the true # of murders due to these antidepressants. I knew a teen from foster care who ran away from home and without his meds would have died if he had not gotten drunk. The doctors told the family that.
What are they accomplishing by all this? Along with Chemtrails, GMO’s, MSG, fluoride etc.?  Connect the dots.