Tubal Litigation

I went in for a routing tubal litigation. Two days off work, easy procedure…so we thought. I was sent home four hours after surgery and was in pain, but figured it would subside eventually.

Three days later I could not take the pain anymore and went to the emergency room. They kept me there on antibiotics for two days and sent me home saying it was an infection.

I had pain in my left side that never went away. One week later I was back in the emergency room and told that my abdomin was full of blood. Doctor said he better go in and “take a look around”. The pain from my last surgery was so bad, I was reluctant, but agreed.

I came out of surgery with no “real answers”. Yea, there is blood in there and yea I think I saw a blood clot. I called another surgeon who said close me up and get out.

Still in the hospital. Three days later an infectious diesease doctor shows up. Infectious dieseas? What? I had some rare bacteria that about 4% of the people in hospitals catch. Sounds like staff to me.

Next day another surgion shows up and says that he would be the one to go in again should the blood clot need to be taken out.

Three days later. Still in hospital, several antibotic iv’s later. The original surgeon very defensive to questions. I want to know how the blood got there. I dunno. I have never had anything happen like this.

Ten days in hospital now, nurse runs in and says stop eating. You gotta have an emergency procedure in a few hours. Naturally no one is around to tell me what it is going to be. Finally the nurse realizing that no one is coming, she explains that I need to go to radiology for a drainage bag to be inserted.

Twelve days later I go home with drainage bag and after constant asking the original surgeon says “well, maybe I nicked something while I was in there”.

I go home frustrated an in pain.

I go to the other surgeon to get drainage bag out. It hurt.

Three days later the day before I’m supposed to finally go back to work after five weeks, I’m in tremendous pain. Back to ER room. I literraly thought death would be something to consider. ER doc says its Quadrant Lumbar Syndrome. More pain pills, go home.

The pain specialist the only doctor really helping me decides he can’t treat me anymore because there are too many doctors involved having me on too many things. Can’t blame him. I’m loosing my mind.

Three visits back to the original surgeon because I still have pain under my left rib cage, down my abdomen and back. It’s constant and I am going crazy still. He says it could be IBS now or probably Quadratis Lumbar. Go to physical therapy and here is some meds that will turn off your nervous system usually given to people who have seizures.

Its the next day. Spent it with my mom and trying to hide how much pain I am really in. My husband is constantly worried about me. I can’t exercise anymore. My whole life is changed forever and no one can help me.