I had a subtotal (took out 80% of large intestine) colectomy in December, the surgical treatment for rectal prolapse/chronic constipation. Now, of course, I wish I never had let them do it. Since surgery, my small intestine has not acted normally-lots of gurgling, gas,cramping, overactiveness, have to go to the bathroom so often (up to 24 times a day)I can’t even get a good nights sleep. Stools are essentially brown water. I understand that the lg.intestine is supposed to suck up this extra water. What is strange is that right after surgery it wasn’t even this watery, just as often though. I feel there is some other reason for the diarrhea. Making guesses on my own with a nice physician assistant willing to help me try anything!, I have taken gluten out in case surgery instigated celiac, and I took primal defense bacteria, oral yeast med and rectally used yeast meds which seemed to clear up a horribly burned rectal area. The most painful to the skin bouts will be bright yellow stool/ if bile salts are involved?? Can you offer an explanation for such strange digestion post surgically, when before surgery I never had so much as a mere stomache ache..ever! Thank you for any advice you may have to offer. My surgeon has been useless and avoids my questions.
Yours truly,

Joanna O.