Now He’s Dead, Now He’s Not

A patient’s wife was told her husband was dead following a stroke when he was alive and well in a hospital ward’s day room. Vera Corr, was told by a nurse, that her husband Jimmy had died from a stroke when, in fact, he was sitting nearby. The family spent 20 minutes calling relatives to break the sad news until the nurse returned to tell them there had been a terrible mistake. One of the couple’s three children, Jim Corr, said: “My mom got a call from the hospital saying dad had taken a turn for the worse.” He further stated, “She went down there with my son and his wife where a nurse told them that he had died. I arrive shortly afterwards to find my son in a hell of a state.” He went on to say, “We sat in the side room crying and a few other family members started to arrive. I was given a phone to use and started to call other relatives to break the news. After 20 minutes the nurse came back and said there had been a terrible mistake. She said the patient in the bed opposite my dad had died and she must have picked up the wrong file. I had to leave the hospital because I was so angry and had to get back on the phone to tell everyone he was alive after all. [You are now exiting the Twighlight Zone Hospital Experience.]