Frankincense tested as possible breast, colon cancer treatment

Cancer surgeon and researcher Nancy DeMore is leading a clinical trial using frankincense to try to treat breast and colon cancer at the Medical University of South Carolina. The study was inspired by a research specialist in DeMore’s lab.

Ingrid Bonilla had researched frankincense as a treatment on breast cancer cells as an undergraduate student at Charleston Southern University. “Seeing encouraging results in our lab, I did my research on clinical studies with frankincense. I contacted the author of the only published breast cancer clinical case study to find out more.”

DeMore, who has done extensive research on new treatments for breast cancer, was willing to put it to the test. “It’s nice to see doctors like her who think outside the box,” Bonilla says. “Out of all the physicians that I talked to about this, Dr. DeMore was the only one who was interested in moving this forward.”

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