Have 100,000 women been poisoned by their breast implants? Worrying evidence of a new scandal is emerging – as one woman reveals she was so desperate to be rid of them she removed them in a DIY operation

When asked about her decision to have a boob job at the age of 28, Biba Tanya Lincoln would almost automatically trot out the same cliched justifications. ‘I’d say “I did it for me” or “I wanted to feel more confident.”

‘If I felt like really going into it, I’d explain that breastfeeding my eldest had left my boobs uneven – one B-cup and one D-cup.’ But this wasn’t the whole truth, admits the mother-of-three, now 38.

She continues: ‘If I’d been honest, I wasn’t doing it for myself at all. I’d got it into my head that to be attractive I had to have breasts that looked a certain way. And, despite being happily married, undergoing major surgery to achieve it seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do.’

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