Dr. Bob Martin on 8/10 & 8/11

  • Pill Boxes to Help Manage Medical Drugs ‘May Do More HARM than Good’
  • Men with Erectile Dysfunction Cost Employers Hundreds of Millions
  • Medical Profession ‘OWNS’ Opioid Addiction and Death Crisis
  • US Regulators Suspect 19 Hidden Toxins in E-cigarette
  • Carb/Plant-based Foods ‘Linked to Better Heart Health’

Sunday, August 11th – Hour 1

Unnecessary Tonsillectomies & Doctors Responsible For opioids Crisis!  


Sunday, August 11th – Hour 2

Clinical Trial Studies Are Bogus & Plant Based Diets.


Sunday, August 11th – Hour 3

E-Cigarettes / Vaping – Poisonous Chemicals. Health Features of the Week!