Dr. Bob Martin on 8/3 & 8/4

  • Taking Heartburn Pills ‘DOUBLES Risk of Developing Allergies
  • Highly Effective Non-Drug Way to Counter Work Stress ‘NOW Available’
  • Bad Genes NO Excuse for Being Overweight 
  • Reducing Saturated Fats Lowers Blood Cholesterol & Heart Disease Risk
  • Why People Who Eat Dark Chocolate are Happier 

Sunday, August 4th – Hour 1

People Who Eat Dark Chocolate Are Happier. GUEST – Nathan Jones – C.E.O of XLEAR nasal products / Spry Dental Products.


Sunday, August 4th – Hour 2

Family Genes – Overweight. Genes Linked to Being Overweight.


Sunday, August 4th – Hour 3

Taking Heartburn Meds Doubles Chances of Getting Allergies. Work Related Stress-How to Relieve it.