Dr. Bob Martin on 6/1 & 6/2

  • Sunscreen Causing More Harm than Good?
  • Doctors are Overprescribing Opioids to Teens ‘Shocking Reveal’
  • Health Poll – Do you agree with the following statement: Unmarried women are healthier and happier compared with married women?
  • Children Who Nap Achieve Greater Success in Life
  • Stomach Acid Blocker Drugs ‘Are They Worth Risking Death For?’

Sunday, June 2nd – Hour 1

Anti Depressant and Anti Anxiety Drugs Proven They Don’t Work!


Sunday, June 2nd – Hour 2

Stomach Acid Blocking Drugs Don’t Work and May Cause Early Death. Special Guest:  Rob Martin – Life Extension Pioneer.


Sunday, June 2nd – Hour 3

How Napping Effects Young People. Sunscreens Are Dangerous.