Dr. Bob Martin on 5/4 & 5/5

  • Rice Every Day to Lower Body Weight and Beat Obesity
  • After Age 27 Millennials’ Health Takes a Nose-Dive
  • Popular Sleeping Pills Must Now Carry Dire Warnings on the Boxes
  • Source of Calories Matter ‘Four Legs or None’
  • It’s Not Just Opioids: Stimulant Overdose Deaths Surged by a THIRD

Sunday, May 5th – Hour 1

Stimulant Overdose Deaths. Protein Shake Drinkers Lead to Weight Gain and Early Death!


Sunday, May 5th – Hour 2

We Rank #47th in the World for Healthcare!


Sunday, May 5th – Hour 3

GUEST: Nathan Jones – CEO of XLEAR/Spry Dental Products