Listen to Dr. Bob Martin 4/20 & 4/21

  • Make YOUR Brain Younger in as Little as One Hour a Week
  • Alarming Study Reveals ‘Half of Cholesterol Lowering Drug Users Have Unhealthy Blood Levels After Two Years’
  • ONE Serving of Bacon a Day Increases Bowel Cancer Risk
  • Steroid Shots for Joint Pain ‘More Harm than Good’

Sunday, April 21th – Hour 1

Breast Milk Can Boost Gut Health. Also, All Doctors And Nurses Should Be Required to Wear Hazmat Suits!


Sunday, April 21th – Hour 2

New Study Shows Statin Drugs Fail To Lower Cholesterol.


Sunday, April 21th – Hour 3

Researchers Discovered Those Who Eat One Serving of Bacon a Day Increases Your Risk of Bowel Cancer! Plus, The Health Features and Recall of the Week.