Could Ginseng Be Effective For Cancer?

Being diagnosed with cancer is very scary, to the fortunate finding out the type you have is treatable can be a huge relief, regardless of the long and hard rough that lies ahead with treatment. It is natural to be thankful for your life, just as it is to wish there was an easier way.

Ginseng was recently shown to target tumour stem cells, which are the cells responsible for most cancer malignancies. These cells may only account for a small fraction of cells in a tumour, but they are a force to be reckoned with, as they are essentially immortal and have the ability to resist conventional treatments. To add to this chemotherapy and radiation can sometimes raise cancer stem cell numbers and invasiveness. Radiation has been shown to convert regular breast cells into breast cancer stem cells that are highly malignant, such examples are the reason why behind many secondary cancers as well as patient deaths.

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