Listen to Dr. Bob Martin 2/16 & 2/17

  • Meat Rich Diets May Develop Deadly Fatty Liver Disease 
  • Men’s Porn Habits May Fuel Partners’ Obsession with Body Weight 
  • HEALTH POLL: People can now be diagnosed with cancer by sending a sample of their spit to be sniffed by dogs, a company claims. Question: Is this a test you’d be interested in having performed?
  • Poor Sleep Increases Harmful Plaques Build Up in Blood Vessels
  • Two Cans Diet Soda a Day Increases Heart Attack or Stroke 
  • Lawn & Garden Weed Killer Increases Cancer Risk Up to 41 Percent
  • Flu Shot Effectiveness Numbers Out for Current Season 

Sunday, February 17th – Hour 1


Sunday, February 17th – Hour 2


Sunday, February 17th – Hour 3