Fennel Reduces Postmenopause Symptoms

Study confirms the benefits of fennel in reducing postmenopause symptoms such as sleeplessness, hot flashes, and anxiety.

A recent study has confirmed that fennel helps minimize postmenopause symptoms. This herbal medicine is rapidly growing in popularity as it has helped countless women across the globe manage their postmenopause symptoms.  Women love the fact that fennel does not have any serious side effects.

About Fennel

Fennel is an herb commonly used in cooking. It has an anise flavor that is quite pleasing to the palate. The herb has long been valued for providing an array of health benefits for all sorts of issues ranging from digestion problems to premenstrual symptoms. Fennel has essential oils and phytoestrogenic properties. Similar to estrogen-like chemicals found in plants, phytoestrogens are used to successfully treat myriad menopause symptoms.

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