Top 9&10 Signs Of Exercise Addiction:

10. You feel guilty if a day goes by when you don’t work out?
9. You’re reluctant to take time off to heal injuries?
8. You increase or decrease your exercise, based on what you weigh or what you’ve eaten?
7. You suffer from insomnia, undesired weight loss, fatigue, lethargy, irritability, loss of menstrual periods, multiple chronic injuries, or stress fractures?
6. You hate what you see in the mirrors on the days you haven’t worked out?
5. You feel compelled to work out- even if you’re tired?
4. You’re ignoring aspects of your work, social life or family life in order to put exercise first?
3. You’re depressed if you are unable to exercise?
2. You have injuries that don’t seem to heal?
1. You fall into a deep state of depression while out of town if you open a phone book and don’t see the words “Gold’s or Bally’s”

If you answered YES to several of the above questions, you’re probably exercising too much, according to the American College of Sports Medicine and Dr. Bob Martin.