The Top 9&10 ways to relieve migraine headaches

If you want something done well, do it yourself, according to the popular saying. This may ring especially true for migraine sufferers who need to act on their own behalf to help prevent the debilitating headaches, as well as receive the best care for their pain, this according to guidelines developed by the US Headache Consortium and reported at the American Headache Society meeting in Montreal Canada. [Insertions by Dr. Bob Martin]

9. Consider alternative therapies such as biofeedback or relaxation training, both of which have shown beneficial effects for migraine sufferers, particularly if you’re opposed to medication or unable to use medication.
8. Consider approaching your health care provider about preventive drugs for recurrent headaches. [Better yet, find an alternative health care providers ie…Chiropractic Physician, Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, etc…who can provide true natural preventive measures.
7. Find the treatment that works best for you–if a drug provides no relief after three subsequent attacks, ask for a new prescription. [If one form of toxin doesn’t work try, try again…. that’s science.]
6. Have a backup “rescue” medication, in case your regular medication doesn’t work; [A novel idea might be to try and find the cause of the headaches and remove them. This way you won’t need a rescue drug.]
5. Use pain medication in moderation–overuse can trigger “rebound” headaches; [Did you get that? Headache drugs cause headaches. Now repeat after me, headache drugs cause…………]
4. Locate an experienced, understanding physician, who is willing to work with you to find the best treatment. [No matter what type of treatment it is, providing, that it’s safe and effective.]
3. Inform your health care provider of the extent to which the headaches affect your daily life;–Treat your migraines with appropriate medications–over-the- counter for less severe attacks, or prescription drugs for moderate to severe migraines. [ Consider taking such nutritional aids such as magnesium, vitamin B-2, 5 htp tryptophane, and omega 3 fatty acids and feverfew, prior to going full blown.]
2. Become aware of how often headaches occur as well as the factors that trigger them, such as certain foods or sleeping habits; [At least now, allopaths are finally realizing the obvious connection between headaches including migraines and structural stresses, that are generated with adverse sleeping positions.]
1. Avoid such triggers, once you become aware of them. [Visit your Chiropractic Physician and other natural health care providers to maintain a healthy structure.]